BEST MOMENTS OF CULT TELEVISION: The Darling Mermaid Darlings Swim Again.

One of my favorite things about running Cult Ladies From Last Night is refamiliarizing myself with old shows I’ve loved and lost. I found a text about swimming and immediately thought of Viv and Lily. However, when trying to find a good screen grab, I was momentarily blindsided by remembering how much I loved their return to the pool.

Episode after episode of watching the Aunts suffer through the tragedy of loss and unhappiness, never spending a scene without a martini in their hands, listening to them talk about how beautiful they used to be, about how loved they used to be. When they finally decided that they wanted to try to live and be happy again, it was commemorated by their jump in the pool and synchronized swimming routine.

It was one of the best emotional pay offs that I’ve ever scene on TV. To see Lily smile, made me believe that anyone’s life can turn around if they’re only willing to take the proverbial jump.

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